10 “Must-Haves” For an Amazing Beach Wedding


It was always a dream of mine to get married by the ocean. It’s one of the most romantic and tranquil places on earth. As I began to plan, I realized how much ocean-themed stuff is out there and spent hours and hours combing through to find a few great ideas. To save you time, I compiled a list of my “best finds”. Happy Planning!

10.) Custom stickers and Guest Welcome Bags



You can easily get carried away with the “welcome bag”. Things, especially custom, add up quick! That’s why its important to get the most bang for your buck and choose things that people will really enjoy and appreciate! In our bags we had: two nips of rum, two cokes, a water bottle, gum, aspirin, granola bars. We also added a welcome note to our guests. Zazzle.com has great custom stickers!

9.) Sandals


I bought a variety of sizes 6-10 from Old Navy.  Watch for a sale on their flip-flops, they have them often! Plus you can sign up for a “birthday” discount.



8.) Table Names & Numbers


All of our guests tables were named after fish. We also included numbers for the ease of the wait staff. http://www.shorechic.com


7.) Seating Chart


I printed the guest information on seating cards I purchased from Michael’s arts and crafts. Then I glued the star fish on using a hot-glue gun.

6.) Programs and Invitations


If you choose to assemble them yourself, you can save quite a bit!

5.) The Ocean version of the “Bird Cage”


I bought a blank white/lace card box from Michael’s crafts and decorated it with pearls and shells.

4.) A fun Cake Topper


The grooms hair only came in brown. I painted it blond with yellow paint to match the real groom!

3.) A Sexy Garter



2.) Think ahead for a fun “Thank You” to send to your guests after the event!


1.) Give your guests A ONE-OF-A-KIND Favor!


Individual rum cakes are a unique and delicious favor! Guests will rave about them for years to come. They also make a delicious hang-over treat for the next morning. Lighthouse Rum Cakes will work with you to customize the packaging… match your colors with your own wording! The cakes are individually packaged and guaranteed to stay moist and fresh for up to 6 months without refrigeration or freezing. Plus, they are 100% natural without preservatives!


Spring Bird Nest Rum Cake


While I was searching for some new ideas to decorate for spring (an exciting season that signifies warmer weather coming to New England!), I came across this idea to convert a Lighthouse Rum Cake into a bird nest and absolutely fell in love with it. As I was purchasing the supplies, I began to wonder if I was getting in over my head. I’m someone who enjoys stenciling and painting by numbers…. art projects that are guaranteed to come out awesome and “wow” the crowd. I am very selective on my “art” projects. But as I started this project, it turned out to be very simple and took less than an hour. When I brought it to a family event, it was the talk of the party! People loved the way it looked and especially how it tasted.


Medium or Large Lighthouse Rum Cake


Buttercream Frosting

Chocolate Chips

M&M’s or Cadbury mini-eggs

small Bird (see directions below)

Piping Bag

Piping tip (#2)

I started with a medium size Lighthouse Rum Cake. I chose to use a coconut flavor because that is my favorite! But chocolate or original would work just as well. This project looks the best on either a medium or large size Lighthouse Rum Cake. It would be tricky to get all the detail onto the small cake.


To keep it simple, I purchased a pre-made Buttercream frosting at the grocery store. I then melted a 1/2 cup of milk chocolate chips and combined it with the frosting to make a chocolate buttercream. To melt the chocolate, microwave for 1 minute, stir, and then 10 additional seconds, stir and repeat until the chocolate is smooth. I frosted it with a regular butter knife. It doesn’t have to be perfect because its suppose to look like a bird’s nest, which can be any shape or texture.


For the “twigs” I filled a piping bag with the milk chocolate buttercream frosting. I added more melted chocolate to make the color slightly darker. You can use a drop of brown food coloring as well. I also used a #2 tip. Begin drawing lines in various directions and various lengths, starting in the middle of the cake.


As you start drawing on the top and sides, work in 3 inch segments and move around the cake in sections. This keeps the look consistent. Again, it does not take as long as you would think. Just be patient and have fun!


For the final touches, I used M&M’s for the eggs, Cadbury mini eggs would work well too. And I purchased a small bird from the arts and crafts store. If you are good with fondant, you can also make an edible one.


Almost too good-looking to cut in to. But believe me, your guest will be happy that you did!

I removed the bird and candy and stored the cake in the refrigerator for a day before the party. Wrap it well to maintain the cake’s moisture.