Nice things to say about Lighthouse Rum Cakes

This holiday season lots of folks decided to give our delicious Rum Cakes for the Holidays. One fan sent us a  daily commentary about the rave reviews our cakes received:

We ordered The Lighthouse Rum Cake Samplers as Holiday Gifts for our friends. I wrapped up 4 of the small (5oz) cakes in a white tote with light and dark blue tissue to reflect their nautical theme and added a pretty  sparkly blue bow. 

It’s so much fun to hear the feedback…this is a snippet from the mom of our six year old precious little friend: “Thank you so much for the cakes.  Claire tried coconut and vanilla cakes already. She said they are so YUMMY!! We love the packages too!…”

Mission Accomplished-Barbara R.

We would like to share a few more of their comments with you:

“Thank you for the delicious cakes and beautiful light house boxes!”
“Thank you so much for the rum cakes, they are very very good ”
“Thank you and Steve for the wonderful Christmas gift which brings sweetness and warmth to the season”

Stay tuned for some great ideas for Valentine’s Day!


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