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Lighthouse Rum Cakes & Caramel Corn


Here are a few nice things people are saying about our Caramel Corn:

“Yummy -wow- I can’t believe the size of each piece and the taste is wonderful!”

“This tastes so much better than the stuff you buy in a grocery store!”

“Rich, buttery carmel taste but still light & so delicious”

New England in a Box


“I have never seen packaging like this, my customers love it!” – Jasmine, MoMo Restaurant

“It’s the perfect piece for our gourmet gift baskets!” –Linda, Villa Gourmet

Lighthouse Rum Cakes has been working hard to develop the official “look” for our products. We wanted our packaging to truly represent the beautiful New England coast, where all of our products are handmade.

After almost a year of drafting ideas, Lighthouse Rum Cakes teamed up with designer Barbara Reiner (owner of Awesome Photos) to make those ideas a reality!


We started with a lighthouse and then painted the scene around it. The New England coast is an unforgettable experience and we wanted our packages to feel the same way. Discover New England sums it up nicely, “Say ‘New England USA’ and up pops an image — a white clapboard farmhouse alongside a red barn, flaming red leaves in the fall or wind whipping through the canvas sails of a schooner. Of all the regions of the USA, New England is perhaps the most distinctive in its imagery, culture, change of seasons and rich coastal history.”


Our goal is for our customer’s to smile when they see our packaging and then smile even more as they enjoy the rich, moist cake inside that is glazed with a hot butter rum! We added foiling into the blue coloring of the waves. This gives the box a shimmery, holographic look. We also add a rich looking gold label to identify the flavor of the cake. Our current flavors are original, chocolate and coconut.

Another mission was to create a package that would make the ideal gift and not require any wrapping or fancy dish to be served on! When you open the box, there is a surprise panoramic scene that goes along with the story written on the inside flap. It describes how Lighthouse Rum Cakes came to be!


Also, our cakes are specially packaged requiring no refrigeration and stay “out-of-the-oven” fresh for up to 6 months! However, we have not met anyone yet who has had one last for anywhere near 6 months without being enjoyed.

For the ultimate gift and presentation, check out our Complete Lighthouse – a small, medium and large cake in the flavors of your choice. Each Complete Lighthouse comes nicely wrapped in a decorative bow. Makes a unique and well-enjoyed gift for any occasion! Standard colors are blue and silver, however, the bow can be customized to your request!